Why does your Baby love massages ?

Why does your Baby love massages ?

Who wouldn't like to see their little baby relaxed, relieved, soothed? With a happy face when you sleep?

Massaging the little bumpkin has many advantages, if not that it may even be necessary for the well-being of her baby and her development. So, not yet convinced?


Taking the time to massage your baby greatly helps to build a relationship of trust and intimacy with your child. According to several studies, it is through body contact that the little baby will start to generate oxytocin, also commonly known as the attachment hormone. This helps to put your child in a situation of trust, which will also help him/her sleep better at night (preferably on a Bbiies mattress). Sleeps are also faster, as well as deeper. This allows her baby to sleep alone more quickly, as she will naturally be happy and feel safe. ❤️️

This allows the child to have confidence in his or her body, to feel its limits, and to be more confident about the environment around him or her. Reassured baby, baby who cries less !

Massage of the young child also helps to treat minor pains, especially those related to stomach aches. A quick massage after a meal will allow the child to digest better, as well as better eliminate the gases that sometimes block the baby's digestion.


The massage stage with your baby is above all a one-to-one appointment with your child. It is a time for sharing, which opens the way to trust and mutual understanding between two naturally linked beings. This allows you to understand your baby's body language, better understand it, and anticipate possible future problems.


There is nothing to stop you from starting your baby's message from birth, although it is highly recommended to wait until the cord heals. This contact can be used to reassure him very early on, in order to put him in complete confidence.


  • Place your baby on a comfortable surface, the Bbiies portable mattress is perfect for that.
  • It is important that the room is heated, if possible to more than 26° C so that baby does not catch a bad cold !
  • Don't hesitate to put on soft music, soft lighting, say sweet words to her... Imagine providing the message of your dreams!
  • Choose a good massage oil, make sure it is suitable for young children. To buy in pharmacies.
  • Don't forget to go with your bare hands, without rings and bracelets so you don't hurt your baby!

In short, massaging your child has only advantages. Don't forget that the love put in the gesture is more important than the technique ❤️️️.

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