Why does my Baby cry when he's alone ?

Why does my Baby cry when he's alone ?

Sometimes our little buggers are addicted to our arms. There is no way to leave them if it is not a few minutes alone without them starting to cry. There is only one place that seems to relieve our child: our arms. If we wanted to exaggerate, we would be tempted to think that our baby cries automatically as soon as it is put down.

As soon as they begin to master oral language, it is often common for them to call us hundreds (thousands) of times during the day to reassure them and hug them.

MOOOOOMMMMMYYYY for the 850th of the day, we would be tempted to take a consultation to see what the problem is with this fusional and passionate relationship. If many fantasize about this relationship in a couple situation, it may seem worrying if it lasts with her baby. 



First of all, this does not happen to all babies. Everyone has their own sensitivities, but it is important to have the right behaviours. What is certain is that giving the full attention her baby needs is not the right solution. On the contrary, it may even get worse.

But not responding to his requests will not help either. We will find ourselves in a love relationship of the type "Follow me I run away from you, run away from me I follow you. »

That's not what we want, is it ? 



When babies cry to be their parents, it's not a strategy to bother us. He is incapable of such a ploy. In reality, it is mainly concerned with meeting its insurance and security needs. A child who does not feel safe will constantly demand the presence of his or her parents at his or her side, constantly.

This is why it is important to reassure him, and this does not involve an oppression of hugging.

This requires a quality, comfortable sleep, as the Bbiies Portable Baby Mat.

Massages too, in order to give her baby confidence.

It is important to understand your baby in order to have the right answers to his behaviour. This understanding is best achieved with a baby who inspires serenity.

This is what Bbiies wants to enable ❤️️️.

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