7 Useful advice for a good sleep for your baby

7 Useful advice for a good sleep for your baby

Be patient

The first few months are difficult, the baby wakes up on average twice a night, you're exhausted... don't worry! Babies need at least three months to start full nights. Soon the end of the tunnel !


Difference between day and night

To get your baby used to sleeping well, give your baby clear time rules. After a few weeks, start keeping feeding schedules, sleeping schedules. After a few months, your baby will fall asleep much more easily. And with a Bbiies mattress, much more comfortably !


His own bed, quick !

Get your baby used to falling asleep on his own and in his room early on. If you are constantly physically next to him, he will feel it, memorizing the ambient noise each time. Your breathing, the light, your movements... the baby notices everything! It is important that he learns to be confident very early, and that he can be alone very early. Don't get him used to bad habits that will take him years to lose, and to ruin many evenings when your close absence will be unbearable.


No anxiety

For baby to be able to sleep calmly, quietly and for a long time, he must feel safe. If you are constantly stressed, he will feel it. Have confidence in yourself.


Don't forget the naps

The idea that a baby sleeps less at night if he takes naps is totally false. The baby needs a lot of sleep, and on the contrary, if they neglect napping, babies will be used to being too excited, and this will damage their ability to fall asleep easily at night.

... Of course, no nap near bedtime.


Nightmares? My poor baby

Does Baby has nightmares? We console him if he cries, we tell him that the wolf isn't under his bed, that we're here, and that we'll take down all the monsters if they want to hurt him!


We don't disturb sleep, we optimize it

It is important that the baby has a life similar to a long, quiet river. Each event is able to disrupt sleep and therefore the baby's behaviour, as a new environment, a new learning experience, new people. It is important to be able to give it clear and well-known references, such as the baby mattresses in the Bbiies range! ❤️️

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